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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 8, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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field trips to the zoo! more basketballs. soccer balls. and a museum! [ growls ] more basketballs. soccer balls! more books. yeah. like just a ton of books. [ girl ] and books about soft things.
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soft and slimy. [ female announcer ] now clip double box tops for education. from totino's pizza rolls and party pizzas. and make their school a better place. hello again, we're looking live from fort mchenry towards the harbor. that's a pretty shot. notice, there's enough of a breeze that the water's moving
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a bit. it's also more humid and warmer. here's sharon. -- after marty's weather. 87 at lunch and a high of 89 degrees. it's been the hottest summer in baltimore since creation. it may yet happen again today. we have the radar and here's a cold front. and i'm not sure we could buy a shower out of this. we're bone dry and there are ad -- advisoriesout. >> how about the drive right now. here's sharon. >> well, it's not bad. just one problem to get in your way. it's a minor one on the beltway and that's on the onramp. we have a disabled vehicle not causing problems. there's a live look at 70 and
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traffic is light. traffic is heavier on the eastside of the beltway and not delayed. everything's looking good on 95 north of the beltway. remember, wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information any time. go to don, back to you. here's what people will talk about today. a suspicious firearm. a woman found dead and we learned new information overnight and andrea fujii is live outside of shock trauma. >> reporter: good morning, don. the man found inside the burning home is listed in stable condition this morning. the police say it appears that both of the victims were injured before the fire broke out. just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon, an apartment fire in columbia, next to jeffer's hill. a child living in the apartment
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noticed smoke and ran for help. she dialed 911 and we learned this was no ordinary fire. >> it looks like a crime scene. >> inside, a woman in her 30s was found dead and a man with traumatic injuries. >> it's not appearing that the man was suffering from burn wounds or that the cause of the death for the woman was the same. >> a neighbor was heart broken. >> we were just proud mothers engaging in casual conversation. i hadn't seen her all summer. we talked about the summer. she was a loving, sweet lady. >> reporter: overnight, wjz learned that a domestic dispute lead up to the incident. did you believe that -- we believe they both resided together and they're both in their 30s and we're not confirming their identities
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yet. >> my condolences go to the family and i hope that whatever happens, they're able to solve it. >> reporter: the police aren't calling this man a suspect in the case. and it's still under investigation. and thank you, andrea. the red cross is working with others in the building. we're learning that a committee is examining why rape cases in baltimore were marked as unfounded. the sun reports that the subcommittee is calling the committee to testify. the city lead the nation in the number of cases marked unfounded by the investors. investors -- investigators. > while you were sleeping, los angeles police worked to stop rioting in their city.
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it was a day after an officer shot a day laborer after he wouldn't drop a knife. the lapd is ladies and gentlemen of the jurying a pull time in fact -- full on investigation. the chicago mayor isn't going to seek a 7th term. >> it's time for me and for chicago to move on. >> that ends 21 years of power there and prompts speculation about who may be next in line. among the top contenders is rom emanuel. daily's father died in office after serving 21 years. getting ready to go back to work. that's ehrlich' message this morning. pat warren has the reaction to the first campaign ad. >> reporter: in his campaign
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against o'malley, he addresses voter discontent. >> today, maryland's in trouble, we're worse off than four years ago. dangerous debt and highier taxes. >> it's the theme of the campaign, obviously, it's restoring maryland to what it should be and restoring maryland to what it was when we were in. >> fix the budget, honestly. >> reporter: governor o'malley went on the air early in the season. his criticism of the ad is stinging. they call it high in the sky and accused ehrlich of distorting facts and making more empty promises. >> empty promises and an insult to the intelligence of the voters. >> this is from the guy who
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blamed me for the louisiana oil spill. what can i say? >> reporter: his ad appearance is behind, but so is the money. he considered his message right on time. >> let's get down to work. >> reporter: it's a rare occasion when they have back to back records of governor of the state and most voters may have an idea of who they like better. they want to see vision and where you want to see the state and what you're about and how serious you are. >> reporter: a second ehrlich ad is already in the works. reporting from annapolis, i'm pat warren. >> thank you, pat. stay with wjz-13 for coverage of campaign 2010. for the updated poll results, we're always on for you. go to for more. >> reporter: the orioles are just a game away from completing a three game sweep
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of the yankees in new york. later, ryan hit one far in yankee stadium and the orioles win, 6-2 and prepare for game three this afternoon. the ravens introduce their newest edition who says he'll hit in just fine. >> do i want the ball, of course. i'm sure they feel the same way. if you win games, it doesn't matter who gets the glory and who's getting the ball. at the end of the day, everyone benefits when you win, period. >> the new receiver joins several great stars. and the football season is around the corner. go to and pick games each week to match up against the teams of recognizable
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player. we can't, but you could win a prize. it's only on go to the home page and sign up. >> i have to tell you something great that's happening to a hometown girl. that's jane randal. she graduated from rowland park school a few years ago. she's a lacrosse goalie and she wanted to be a model and she rolled the dice and she's a contestant on america's top model. go back to the shot. this is huge! now, this deal is on the cw tonight. it's not like we haven't promoted other shows doing coffee with. i've known her for years. she went to high school with my daughter. i'm excited for her. i've been trying to get her on the show.
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right now, since we're dealing with a network tv show, you have to go through layers and layers of flak. they're trying to protect their franchise here in baltimore. hey, could we get her on coffee with. well, we'll get back to you and i haven't received an e-mail back. one day, we'll get her on. it's time to route for the home team. there's jane randal. just imagine what a top five finish would do. i just showed don, a picture i'll never fine. it was in the new york post. it was like an entire two pages of ads and i said, every one of them wanted to be in this show. she did, right there. take a look at that one more time. and check that out.
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jane rundale, we're in your corner. >> certainly. >> ronster has a beautiful sunrise behind him. the clouds, because of the cold front, it's not going to give us rain, but it's going to deliver us a beautiful week's end and weekend. were any small animals killed in the making of that hat? >> just my napoleon complex coming in. >> i thought you were coming your hair different. >> i wish! >> are you getting in on the ramparts? >> yes, we are. >> >> or, the ram parts we watched. >> and bombs are bursting in air. parades, fireworks and more at fort mchenry as we mark defender's day. we'll tell you more when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ♪
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if it's felt like a hot, dry summer, it has been. of course, yesterday, we set the record. hottest summer in the history of baltimore since creation. i'll sit down and crunch the numbers for you. it will take me a day to do this. i bet you, 50% of days over 90, 27% of the days were at or had heat indexes above 95 degrees. because it's so dry, we have watches and advisories for potential fire hazards. the upper 2/3 of the eastern shore and delaware and jersey. 74 now and 71% and a south west breeze and barometers at 29.87. everyone is right around the mid-70s. you're getting the idea.
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temperatures steady across the area as the cold front sags. that's the forecast for the next many days. that's the good news and the bad news, no rain. the forecast today, calling for over the next couple of house, a spotty thunderstorm and 89 and partly sunny and clear, cooler and 56 tonight. tomorrow, sunny and breeze city and beautiful and 76 is the high. don, take it away. the rush from sharon now. >> hi, don, we've picked up the first delay early. the westside is jamming up on the outer lupe. we've also picked up two accidents. one in timonium. second accident in the city on
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south parka at west pratt and we have a vehicle on the onramp at eastbound to the outer lupe and otherwise, there's a live look at the beltway. no delays there and everything's running smoothly on the northside of the beltway. delays again at liberty on the outer lupe. toyota, buy right the first time and save more in the long run. marty and don, back to you. rampart is defined as earthen mound used in protection during the era of the star built forts. let's go to fort mchenry. and the ronster joins us with the favorite man, he's made hoozah! a household word in baltimore. >> >> reporter: good morning, by the dawn's early light, how about that. defender's day, coming up this
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weekend. we have a huge, huge amount of activity coming up in baltimore. vince, the chief of interpretation here at fort mchenry. let's talk about defender's day. >> it's the oldest holiday in the city of baltimore and it's the commemoration of the writing of the national anthem and when the american playing was really important to the american people, the two most important symbols we have as americans, they were born at this place. >> reporter: it will be a great weekend. we have so much going on. and let's talk about what's happening friday. >> we have a parade. we have the flag house. that's where the star spangled banner was made. we'll march and you can see the troops off and march through little italy.
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as you sip wine, watch the soldiers go by and then, the inner harbor and at 6:00, we'll unveil the replica and then, the concert and then, we'll board the boats and going to locust point and marching up hole street up the neighborhood to fort mchenry and that's just friday and we're just getting warmed up. we've got a great weekend for the family. totally, totally, things are ramping to high gear saturday. we have 150 reenactors and this year, it's the most we've had and the field will be covered in tents. we have children's author and kid's story time and drills for the kids. also, stuff for the adults. demonstrations and cutless drills and then, in the evening, things kick into high gear at 6:00. if you don't do anything else
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in your life, come to fort mchenry. we have a concert by the naval academy band. >> now, you're talking! >> we do a ship to shore bombardment and this year, we have red pyrotechnics. and the artillery won't take it sitting down. we have a battery of 105 mm how wetsers. -- also, you'll hear the booms a the ground shakes and we have a firework show. singing of the star spangled banner and the smoke drifting back over it. it doesn't get any better than that. even the governor comes out on a horse. everyone's into it! it's a maryland thick and an american thing. >> i have something for you,
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general -- >> i'm a general now. does newman know i've been promoted. >> well, the guys at the station say, you have to give us a hoozah! >> i'm going to, but i'm going to give ron a hoozah now. put it on there. check it out. and ronnie -- >> watch the sword, vince. >> he's a park ranger at fort mchenry. the weather was bad on that night and the storm flag was up. but this weekend. >> indeed, indeed. thanks for the good weather. he knows his history. they say give that man a contract, give that man a rager hat. that's what i'm talking about. >> come to fort mchenry for
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defenders day and hoozah! >> there you go. >> seriously, the weather was very poor and that's what made it more interesting. that's an interesting back story to the key writing of the poem. the storm flag, oh, heck, it was half the size of the desk. you didn't want it to get wet. the big unfurled star spangled banner wasn't out and he had to squint to see we were still there. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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we'll talk about the flight attendant, steven slater has to do next. an apartment on fire with two injured inside. police say they were hurt before the fire started. and i'm andrea fujii and the story is just ahead. >> reporter: a florida pastor has a brazen plan that is making a fire storm across the globe. i'm weijia jiang with the details, next.
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i'm sharon gibala. if you're about to head out for your morning commute, it's getting busy. we'll look at those, straight ahead. yesterday, i had the chance to interview erin andrews. she knows what she's talking about when it comes to college football and we'll discuss maryland, navy and boise state and how kraft is trying to feed 20 million people. this is more than a corporate plug for a cheese company, what they're doing is above and beyond deserving recognition. ,,
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it's 6:30 and the sky brightened considerably outside. and that's a pretty picture and more humid than yesterday. sharon's been watching the busy traffic day. >> let's go to first warning doppler weather radar. we have a cold front across the area now. we're, frankly, not getting any rain out of it.
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the sky's will clear before not too long. we'll look at the day part and what we're thinking is, by lunch, 87 on the way the 88. we're in the stuffy. mid-70s. >> the rush from sharon gibala right now. >> we have accidents that could get in your way, in timonium, watch for an accident there. and south parka street at south frat. and a disabled vehicle on the onramp from eastbound liberty to the outerbound of the balletedway. there's a live look at the speeds on the beltway. 44 miles per hour between 795 and 95 with a 14 minute drive time.
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there's the look at the westside. . there's a look at the topside. looking good at delainny valley. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. thank you, at the top of the news this half hour, the florida minister who's planning on burning thousands of copies of the koran says he's trying to send a message to the world. local muslims are also demanding he stop. >> reporter: terry joan's brazen plan is creating an international fire storm. >> sooner or later, we'll have to say no to radical islam. >> i was insulted by it. i said, how can a man of god do
6:33 am
something like that to another religion. >> reporter: this baltimore muslim leader says that members of his congregation are fearful of islam phobia. >> tonight and support them in that activity -- it goes against what the american society stands for. >> reporter: if the burnings happen, it could add to an already dangerous situation. >> this, in our view has the potential to enflame public opinion around the world in a way that will jeopardize american lives and american interesting. >> we can't let it sit or let it be without responding in a different way. >> as a christian, i say to those who do this, i say, you
6:34 am
bring dishonor to the name of jesus christ. >> reporter: still, despite the pressure, jones won't back down. >> the only thing that will change our minds is if we felt a deep conviction. we fell like god really wanted us not to do it. >> reporter: because of the threats, he says he carrys a pistol on his hip for protection. also, this morning, the man who's building the mosque near ground zero is breaking his silence. he says it's critical in order to promote religious tolerance in this country. he says they'll have prayer space for all faiths as well as a memorial to those who died on september 11th. three juveniles are under arrest here. they stabbed a man monday after
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he refused to give him change. one confessed to wielding the knife to the police. they'll be tried as adults. >> they're 14 and 16-year-olds and they're attacking people. it's a difficult situation for the police to address. we took them into custody. >> reporter: the wounded man suffered a collapsed lung and he's expected to survive. loyola university is mourning the death of a senior. a 20-year-old business major died suddenly in his dorm room monday night. a heart condition could be the cause. plans for a viewing and funeral aren't yet finalized. >> a woman is found dead and a man injured inside a burning apartment. wjz-13 and andrea fujii live outside of shock trauma. >> reporter: good morning, don and good morning, everyone.
6:36 am
this may have been a domestic dispute. they know whatever killed this woman and injured this man was not caused by a fire. just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon, an apartment fire in the 6000 block of major lane next to jeffer's hill. a neighbor says that a child noticed smoke and went to her for help. she dialed 911 and we learned this is not an ordinary fire. inside, the firefighters found a woman in her 30s dead and a man with injuries and neither was hurt in the blaze. >> it does not appear that the man is suffering from burn wounds and that the cause of the death of the woman in the apartment was burning either. >> reporter: a neighbor was heart broken to learn her friend died. >> we were just proud mothers, you know, just engaging in
6:37 am
casual conversation. i hadn't seen her all summer and we spoke about the summer. she was a loving, sweet lady. >> reporter: a domestic dispute could have lead up to the woman. >> we believe they resided together and we don't know their relationship and we think they're in their 30s and we're not confirming their identities. >> my condolences goes out to the family and i hope that whatever's happened, i hope they're able to solve it. >> the injured man is here in shock trauma. he's not a suspect yet. >> a mental evaluation is going to to be -- is called for
6:38 am
steven slater, the flight attendant -- before the judge will accept a flee deal, the mental exam must be done. the insurance institute for highway safety says that booster seats are made better than ever. the group reviewed 72 models and gave 1/3 of them a great ranking. for a completely -- for a list, go to >> a spectacular performance by the birds in the bronx. up until last night, they had a 19-5 loss going and the orioles won it, 6-2. and that gets underway at 1:00. and art work from bob dylan is being viewed in denmark.
6:39 am
in, they're of scenes from brazilian slum, farms and beaches. it will run until the end of january. okay. >> all right. >> so, you're away and not here for the vibe of the maryland navy football game. >> no, i was not here. >> it was really cool. frankly, this is no disrespect to anyone around here. when it comes to college football, the spring and lacrosse, that's a different story. take the vibe and put it in football and imagine a game between two colleges within an easy drive of the city. it was, well, it was electric. hopefully, it becomes a yearly event. it will be a cool deal. >> okay, sure. >> coming up. erin andrews joins us and we'll
6:40 am
talk about "dancing with the stars." she takes it to college football. that's her main beat and we'll talk about this project that kraft is doing to feed 20 million people. when she starts off the conversation with how about that game, the interview gets better from there. really, a delightful person joining us and it's more than a plug for a cheese company, it's above and beyond. sharon gibala has wjz traffic control and we've got first warning weather and more. coming up as we continue after this. donald? >> yeah, we want to see your purple and pride photos. click on the link of also. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right, so, here's how it goes. we have a cold front sag over the area and we can't buy a shower. er it's not a good news, bad news type thing. we'll be delivered weather through next week.
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it will be as nice as the labor day weekend weather was. the rain falls into the 25th of august, that's just a trace. 'll look at the radar and here's the front. once again, we just can't buy rain out of this. that's not good news. the watch, warning and advisory shows the advisories for the tender box conditions extend across the state. the upper 2/3 of the eastern shore are now in a red flag warning. you have to be careful in a big way in this deal. no rain over the next five days. just a trace since august. one cigarette butt could bring the colorado fire story to the mid-atlantic. south west breeze at 7 and the
6:45 am
bromate, 29.89. essentially, everyone, whatever you may be on the display, same deal here. westminster and bel air, 73 and 75. and on kent island. 73 degrees rock hall. the front passes by and high pressure builds in and tomorrow, it will be great. that mild trend continues into the weekend. the late summer has been as nice as the summer was vile. 89 degrees today and 56 and clear and cool tonight. tomorrow, 76 degrees. by the way, yesterday, we went above 90 for the 55th time and made this summer the hottest since creation. we'll keep it in the 70s and saturday, sunday and monday. don, take it away. >> here's sharon with more. >> reporter: hi, don, good morning. one of the accidents in the
6:46 am
timonium area and that's on delainny valley road and one at south parka and we have a disabled vehicle on the liberty onramp to the outer lupe of the beltway. 50 miles per hour on the topside between 95 and 83 and the slowest spot is the westside. and there's a look at that delay, that's heavy as well. there's a look at the topside. everything's running smoothly there. no issues just yet. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. this morning's coffee with is with erin andrews. >> erin, welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition. huge round of applause.
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what's going on? >> nothing much, big day in maryland yesterday, huh, with the maryland, navy game and then the virginia tech, boise state game. >> if they could get this maryland, navy game at m&t stadium every year, that would be a cool thing. there was a real electricity that we don't normally feel. we don't have the big college sports here, the football, basketball, lacrosse, it speaks for itself, but that was cool. >> that was amazing. i was texting with the crew that was working with the game and i thought that the pregame speech and the speech he gave with his daughter. i have goose bumps thinking about it. i didn't know how much i would be captivated by the game, but i was screaming.
6:48 am
it was a great day for you guys in maryland. >> maybe we'll get a repeat next year. let's talk about kraft. this is an enormous undertaking. you're trying to feed how many people? >> 20 million americans. what's crazy about the campaign. you know, i heard about it from the agency that i work from and then we went to los angeles and we filmed and everything and all of the promoes and the stuff that will run in grocery stores and movie theaters. and they're trying to provide 20 million meals for americans and you realize, that's a big number, one in six americans don't know where their next meal will come from. what goes better when you talk about college football and football in general and food. it's a way to bring everyone together and say, there's a problem in america and we need
6:49 am
to address it while you're sitting at home and watching football and tailgating and eating. hop on the internet. go to the website and pop in the zip code and that donates a meal to a family. it's easy and a perfect way to do this. >> huddle to fight >> put it in there, man. all you have to do is fill out the zip code and it's a done deal. >> man, that's cool. >> props to kraft. >> we have a few minutes left here. >> want to talk college ball? >> well, i would love it. >> >> is this team for real?
6:50 am
well, i don't know how much of the media does it -- i think when they beat oklahoma a few years ago with the trick plays that everyone remember, people were like, cool, that's a great team and look at what they've continued to do. curt said it good, you bring the boise state team to fedex field, that was pretty much virginia tech's home game and they were leading by 17 points and they win it in the final two minutes. i don't know if it's overhype, but the team is good and they have a candidate as quarter back as well. i think i believe what they were saying. they're for real and human times do they have to try to prove it. and they're good. i've seen a lot of virginia tech persons and they're
6:51 am
athletes and i'm a believer in boise state. i don't know about how much a believer i am about them playing in the national championships. they need to play convincingly the rest of the year. >> listen, i wasn't trying to bang on espn. >> i didn't take offense. >> well, it was the whole media. >> thanks for the insight and we'll see how it plays out. huddle to fight hunger and kraft, give them the props they deserve. i hope you're on the bird and we have a chance to do this again. two words. roll tide. >> you can say that, i'll see them this weekend against penn state. i'll let coach say ban know
6:52 am
that. >> yeah, from someone who's paying tuition there. i love watching erin on tv. you want to know of someone ,,,,
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more than 600 local workers could be out of their jobs if the orioles decide to go with another food mare channel keizer at -- merchandiser. the jobs would likely be saved. first weather traffic and weather still ahead for you this morning.
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wildfires ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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